Созопол - Този град е жив / Sozopol - This town is alive

Созопол (Sozopol)

by Todor Radionov on 18.11.2011. Updated 30.11.2014

снимка Созопол - Иван Костов

снимка: Иван Костов


Този град е жив,
жив, благодарение на къщите,
които се докосват;
на смокинята – зрялата,
Странен град на острите улици
на древни мъже (мъжете ги няма).
Къде са твойте мъже?
Откъсна вятърът от вълната
отражения на есенно слънце
и ги запрати зад хоризонта от бели
черти …
Лодките принадлежат на морето.

Този град живее…
Къщите – зрели смокини –
соковете разменят.

The original name of the city is attested as Antheia[3] but was soon renamed to Apollonia. At various times, Apollonia was known as Apollonia Pontica (that is, „Apollonia on the Black Sea“, the ancient Pontus Euxinus) and Apollonia Magna („Great Apollonia“). By the first century AD, the name Sozopolis (Greek: Σωζόπολις) began to appear in written records. During the Ottoman rule the town was known as Sizebolu, Sizeboli or Sizebolou.


This town is alive,
alive thanks to the houses,
that touch each other;
to the fig-tree – the ripe one,
the growing one,
the giving one.
A strange town of the sharp streets
of ancient men (the men are absent).
Where are thy men?
The wind tore out of the wave
reflections of an autumn sun
and hurled them behind the horizon of white
The boats belong to the sea.

This town lives …
The houses – ripe figs –
the juices exchange.

Translator Bulgarian-English: Vessislava Savova
© bogpan – all rights reserved

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